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The urge to travel and explore different countries, cultures, and environments runs deep for many people. As you start to figure out your career path and lifestyle goals, there are a variety of different career options that enable you to make different forms of travel a priority. But while the appeal of traveling may be incredibly exciting, make sure you think through all the different elements of the career before deciding on if it is the best fit for you.


Being a scientist often involves intense experimentation and exploration to perform your job well. As you consider which types of science careers will enable you to be outside the most, conservationists tend to be one of the top choices. As a conservationist, you may find yourself traveling to different areas of the country or the world identifying and studying unique or endangered wildlife or plant life species.

Park Ranger

Of all careers to look into, becoming a park ranger is one of the only careers that allows you to be outside practically all day. Being a park ranger can involve a variety of different responsibilities from enforcing rules relating to hunting and fishing to participating in search and rescue missions.

In short, this career isn’t for the faint of heart, but it has excellent benefits. But as you consider the different aspects of the job, be aware of the risk you take on in this field. Forestry and fishing careers have particularly high OSHA incident rates.

Art History Professor

If you are looking for opportunities to travel in a variety of different countries and if you love art and culture, being an art history professor might be a perfect fit for you. Why? Because art history professors, different from most professors, must travel to different countries each year to perform research or often to direct studies abroad.

Because of the nature of art history, most professors must go to the location where the different pieces of art they are studying are located to perform their necessary research. In essence, working in this career guarantees visits outside of the country a couple of times a year.

Finding the perfect career can be a stressful and difficult decision for anyone. While it’s important to pick a job that enables you to earn a comfortable living and sustain your family, make sure that you can find something that you at least tolerate if not love. Certainly, finding a career that enables you to travel will improve your quality of life.

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