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If you travel a lot or are simply moving to a new country, you might be wondering how to apply your skills internationally. But there are ways to utilize your talents wherever you go. Put your skills to use and even learn a few new ones!

Teach English

By speaking English, you already have a skill you can put to good use. In many countries, there are people who are eager to learn to speak English. Doing so can help them find new opportunities or prepare them to move to a primarily English-speaking country. As an English speaker, you can help these people by teaching English. Each country will not have the same requirements to teach English, so you’ll need to do a little research on how to qualify. You might need to have a college degree or a TEFL certificate in order to start teaching.

Become an International Realtor

If you already have real estate experience, then you can expand to a global setting by becoming an international realtor. This can allow you to pursue new opportunities and develop your skills as a real estate agent. You can also become an international real estate agent even if you haven’t already worked in real estate. You can easily take classes online and get your real estate license. When working as an international real estate agent, you can help people as they move to a new country or expand their business internationally. You will need to acquire special skills and qualifications in order to work as an international realtor.

Become a Foreign Service Officer

Working as a foreign service officer is a great option for anyone interested in public service. There are many different career tracks you can pursue as a foreign service officer. The five main options you can choose from are consular, economic, management, political, and public diplomacy. As a foreign service officer, you will be a representative of the United States and you will work to protect and further its interests overseas. To qualify, you must be a U.S. citizen, over the age of 21, and available for international assignments.


There are many different things you can do when you work internationally. You can apply many of the skills you already have or you can cultivate new opportunities you can use in an international setting. Explore all of your options, and find what appeals most to you!


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