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If you are passionate about travel—seeing new places, trying new things, meeting new people—there are careers that center on the travel industry that would allow you to turn that passion into a job you love. Here are a few of those positions that will let you see the country for business and pleasure.

Flight Attendant

Be a part of the crew that gets people to various destinations! Airlines are always in need of employees to help run the flights smoothly, safely, and comfortably. Flight attendants are essential to the reputation and function of any airline! The process for applying to be an attendant is straightforward—many prevalent airlines want their attendants to have at least an associates degree, and are even more impressed if you have studied or worked previously in customer service and hospitality. You must be physically capable of the basic tasks of flights, and go through a training process that teaches you the routines and protocols. Once this is completed, you will be flown all over the country and provided with places to stay and even (sometimes) meals. Get paid to be part of the travel process!

Tour Bus Driver

In prominent destinations with rich history and popular sightseeing attractions, tour busses are a great way to allow tourists to experience the fullness of a city without the hassle of independent tours and scrambled research. If you are especially interested in the history behind famous places, being a tour bus driver may be the perfect career for you. This is a position that requires both a skill with human interaction and a heightened standard of responsibility. You will need to be licensed to drive large, commercial vehicles and should be able to prove your trustworthiness. Serious offenses like a DUI can threaten your commercial drivers license. Share your love of stories, architectural and natural beauty, and culture with visitors from all over the world!

Travel Blog Writer

Maybe you are more of an independent person—more introverted and focused on the full and varied experiences that destinations have to offer. If that sounds like what you enjoy and you have a particular skill for communicating those experiences, try travel blog writing! Many vacationers rely on travel blogs to determine their next trip, or to prepare them for their vacation. Describe the details of your favorite and least favorite trips, including the pros, cons, tips and tricks to each place. You can be a valuable source of information for successful trips for anyone!

Let your excitement for travel be a driving factor of your career choice. There are plenty of options that can tailor to your skills while allowing you to see and experience the country like you love to do!

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