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Yes, vacations are the perfect chance to let go a little and relax a lot… but looking good doing so doesn’t have to be a compromise! In fact, looking fresh and put together on your trip boosts your confidence and can make the trip feel even more relaxing, without any self-conscious thoughts ruining what should be a carefree experience. Here are some tips on keeping your wardrobe and style low-maintenance with high reward.

Keep Your Hair No-Fuss

Styling tools take up a significant amount of space and weight that you may not want to deal with—plus, depending on your activities and the climate of your destination, those tools may not cooperate how you want them to! Stick with your easiest, most versatile hair style favorites, especially any go-to up-do’s! Simple braids, half-up buns, or creative pinning take the stress out of keeping your hair from frizz or tangles throughout the day. Hair is not what you want to be worried about during your time off, so pull it up with a twist, and let it be!

Go Natural with Makeup

Like your hair, whatever activities you participate in or whatever climate you are relaxing in may wear on your makeup. Keeping your makeup natural will help give you a good look, without having to worry about it running or fading too much. Stick with the basics—things that will highlight your features without requiring upkeep throughout the day. Not only does this save you time and energy getting ready, it can also save you money and stress. Take a break from extensive makeup routines in favor of easy, quick options that help your features stand out, just perhaps a bit more subtly.

Choose Clothes Carefully

Clothes are the most frustrating part of packing; many people have a tendency to overpack and panic about what to be prepared for. Stay calm, stay realistic, and don’t overpack! The overall rule should be: choose clothes that are comfortable, stylish, and won’t wrinkle too much. Pick a simple color scheme for all your clothing choices so that you can mix and match pieces, keeping each outfit fresh and new without adding unnecessary weight or clutter to your suitcase. If you know you would only wear a piece once, don’t bring it. Instead, choose pieces you can pair with at least two other things in your packed wardrobe. Dresses are a great option for travel-wear. A dress can boost your confidence, while still giving you a great fashion moment. Plus, they’re easy to accessorize! Consider, too, that you may be shopping on your vacation as well—leave a bit of space for any souvenir clothing items you pick up, for the trip home!

Keep Essentials Close on Hand

Determine what your “essentials” are for touch up needs: makeup (like mascara, concealer, powder, or lipstick), hair products, makeup/hand wipes or scents. Don’t forget that you will likely have access to products in major cities or metropolitan areas you are close to, so don’t panic if you think of something you need and don’t have on you! Try to be minimalistic in what you carry around with you. Clutter in purses only adds weight you will be carrying around all day, and frustration at not being able to find the important things easily. Prioritize what products you use most frequently (as in, multiple times a day), and leave the rest wherever you are staying. Save the space in your bag for important travel materials like your passport, wallet, sunglasses, and keys! Live by the mantra “less is more.”

Smart Shoe Choices

Shoes are another tricky piece to pack. You want shoes that go well with your outfits, that are stylish and functional and comfortable. (Comfort is the most important of all those qualities! You will be grateful for a pair of comfortable shoes over a pair of super impressive ones.) Think about what activities you intend on doing during your vacation, and plan around that. A good rule of thumb is the “3 pair rule”—one pair of athletic shoes for extreme activities (hikes, biking, any physical activities), one stylish pair for your nights out (wedges, sandals, booties), and one pair of extremely supportive shoes for everyday activities (walking, sightseeing). You will want your shoes to be as supportive as possible to prevent blistering, soreness and even overextension of your feet! If you injure your feet early on in your trip, it becomes much harder to even want to go out and do the things you’d planned on doing. Your feet are your vehicles for doing the exciting parts of your vacation… don’t risk damaging them! You can find cute and comfortable footwear that will work great for travel.

Be Stingy with Accessories

Accessories are a fun way to mix up an outfit, draw attention to your outfit, or to simply boost your confidence. They can also be a source of anxiety if you are leaving valuable pieces in your hotel rooms or wearing them in unfamiliar areas (with unfamiliar people). Keep your jewelry to a minimum, and consider leaving the more expensive pieces at home. A couple of basic pairs of earrings and your favorite go-to necklaces or rings should do the trick! Furthermore, try to stick with one accessory per necessity—you only need one bag, one pair of sunglasses, one hat, and so on. Let your focus be on your surroundings, not your belongings. This will help you feel protected from being targeted for theft and will keep the style easy to manage.

Consider the Climate

Of course, you will need to research the place you are going for both the weather and the people! This will make a big impact on the clothing articles you bring. Let that be your “check” for preparation! Also, if you are traveling to a foreign country, make sure you are aware of any cultural expectations the people there may have of clothing and accessories; there may be things you wouldn’t realize could be shocking or even offensive to some people. Allow yourself the stress-free comfort of being prepared for the physical and social climates of your travel destinations.

Don’t let style be a stressor! Following these guidelines will help you feel cute, confident, and comfortable for the duration of your trip.

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