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Driving is an important part of modern life but being on the roads comes with some scary elements. One of those intimidating factors is sharing the road with trucks. Learning to navigate roads safely with trucks around you is one of the most important elements of being a driver. 

How to Pass Them Safely 

One of the most intimidating elements of driving near a truck is figuring out how to pass them safely. Often large trucks will have pretty significant blind spots which makes passing them much more difficult and dangerous. Large trucks also have a more difficult time stopping which makes safe passing much more important than it is with other vehicles. You always want to pass on the left since that is the side where you will be expected to be coming from. Passing on the right can leave you in the trucker’s blind spot, which can be dangerous and potentially life threatening. 

Leave Plenty of Space Open 

Another important thing to note about trucks is because of their weight it is important that you give them a wide berth. Stopping suddenly is difficult for these trucks and they also are very heavy, so if you accidentally rear end them the results can be devastating for you and your car. Trucks can also be carrying any manner of things that could potentially damage your car or they can kick up rocks with their tires that can hit your windshield or other parts of your vehicle. The NFPA diamond on a truck indicates the level of hazardous chemicals it is hauling. 

Be Hyper Aware of Blind Spots 

Once again one of the most dangerous elements of driving near a truck is the many blind spots they have in their vehicle. That means it is essential that you pay close attention, so you are safe and seen by the trucker. Be careful when you are driving close to the truck and do your best to always pay close attention to their blinkers and how they are positioned in their lane. This will keep you and the trucker safe. 

Driving amongst trucks gets easier the more you do it and as you continue learning you will gain confidence. Your best bet is to simply give enough room so that you and others on the road can be safe and happy. Keep learning and improving your skills so you can be even more confident and in control whoever you drive by.

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