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Going on a beach vacation is a wonderful way to relax and soak up the sun. Of course, you first need to pick a beach to visit. There are many wonderful beaches around the world, but it’s good to know where the best ones are.

Pacific Islands

When you think of beaches, you might also think of islands. According to Trips to Discover, the Pacific is home to thousands of islands, so you have many choices to consider. To get started, consider what activities you want to do at the beach. If surfing is your go-to choice, then perhaps a visit to Tahiti is ideal for you. Perhaps you enjoy diving and exploring. Palau, an archipelago in Micronesia, is home to lots of exciting diving spots including Jellyfish Lake and many shipwrecks to explore.  A visit to Fiji will offer you a luxury experience with lots of good food and even some spa treatments. An island is the perfect place for a beach vacation, so start doing some research to find the right island for you to visit.

Latin America

The beaches of Latin America are truly breathtaking. You can experience amazing views, and, in many cases, you can have them all to yourself. Latin America has lots of beaches that aren’t very crowded. You can find many private beaches. Many of these beaches are very laid back and are often close to small towns you can visit. Some of the most notable beaches will be found in the Caribbean. These include beaches in Cuba, the Bahamas, and Bermuda. Mexico is also home to many wonderful beaches. According to Susurros del Corazón, Sayulita has been named one of the best beaches in the world. It is worth a visit at least once in your life.


The Mediterranean Sea is surrounded by Europe, Africa, and Western Asia. According to Auto Europe, visiting the Mediterranean will provide you with stunning views of a multitude of white sand beaches. There is even a beach in Greece that can only be reached by boat, and it is an excellent spot for base jumping. While in the Mediterranean, you can experience lots of amazing cultures and you can sample all the tasty food this area has to offer. For swimming and snorkeling, consider Cala Mitjaneta in Spain. If you want to experience a unique red sand beach, you can visit Spiaggia Rosa in Italy.  

The world is full of wonderful beaches and each area has something different to offer. Whether you want to explore, relax, or experience new cultures, there is a spot for you. Take some time to explore some new beaches around the world.

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