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One thing you’ll notice when traveling is that you’ll find familiar fast-food restaurants in every country you visit. And sometimes eating that fast food seems appealing for various reasons. But instead of fast food, here are some reasons why branching out to the local restaurants will be a great option for you.

You Have Fast Food at Home

When traveling, a great reason to eat at local restaurants is that you have fast food at home. You may have your favorite hamburger from the best value menu you’ve found but remember that’s food you can eat at any time. But eating at local restaurants, especially in other countries, enables you to try food you’ve likely never had and may not have again for a very long time. It gives you an opportunity to taste new ingredients, new flavors, new experiences. Though you love that delicious chain burger and fries, seize the opportunity to try unfamiliar, unique, and potentially your new favorite foods at the local restaurants in the countries you visit.

Healthier Options

Another reason many people choose to eat at local restaurants is a simple reason: local restaurants typically have healthier meal options. This is the case because fast food typically has more sodium and more saturated fats due to the heavily processed ingredients. Local restaurants, on the contrary, typically use fresher, less processed ingredients. For example, locally made pizza is healthier than the pizza you get at fast food chains. And of course, many would argue that the healthier, locally made dough and sauce tastes far better than that of chain pizza restaurants. So, when a tinge of hunger grips your stomach, choose a local restaurant to go to instead of the typical, fast-food restaurants.

Taste the Food and Taste the Culture

Lastly, a great reason to eat at your vacation spot’s delicious local food places is that by eating the local food, you not only taste the food, but you also taste the culture. Food is a huge part of most every culture—you offer food to strangers, you feel proud when a guest likes your home-cooked meal, and you brag about what your city or town has to offer. People all over the world are proud of their food too and they want you to try it. When you do, you experience more of who they are, and you get a little taste of what they truly love.

Next time you’re in a new country, stop. Take time to go to a new restaurant. Meet the servers, watch the other restaurant visitors, and analyze the menu. Notice what food the locals take pride in and try it. As you do so, you’ll take advantage of a great opportunity to try new things, you’ll find healthier meal options, and you’ll more fully taste of the country’s culture.

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